The ICDE 2017 conference features:

  • Research, Applications and Industry Track papers and demos in topics and areas related to data engineering;
  • Keynote talks, Workshops, Tutorials, and Panels on current topics in data engineering;
  • A PhD Symposium for graduate students; and
  • Posters:
    1. TKDE Poster. ICDE 2017 will feature posters for selected papers from those published during the past year in the IEEE Transactions on Data and Knowledge Engineering (TKDE),
    2. ICDE Posters. Some of the research track papers have been accepted as posters.
    3. ICDE Research Track Posters. Papers accepted for presentation in the research track will also have the opportunity to present in a poster session, in order to provide an opporrunity for more in-depth discussion with authors.
    4. ICDE Industry Track Posters. Some of the industry track papers have been accepted as posters.