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Demo Session 1: Cloud, Stream, Query Processing, Provenance
10:30AM-12:00PM, Wednesday, April 19, Riviera
Repeat: 3:30PM-5:00PM, Thursday, April 20, Riviera

A Learning-based Service for Cost and Performance Management of Cloud Databases <video>
Ryan Marcus, Sofiya Semenova and Olga Papaemmanouil

AdaStorm: Resource Efficient Storm with Adaptive Configuration
Zujian Weng, Qi Guo, Chunkai Wang, Xiaofeng Meng and Bingsheng He

Aztec: A Cloud-based Computational Platform to Integrate Biomedical Resources
Patrick Tan, Yichao Zhou, Xinxin Huang, Giuseppe M. Mazzeo, Chelsea Ju, Vinvent Kyi, Brian Bleakley, Peipei Ping, Wei Wang and Justin Wood

Demonstrating SolveDB: An SQL-based DBMS for Optimization Applications
Laurynas Siksnys and Torben Bach Pedersen

HDBExpDetector: Aggregate Sudden-Change Detector over Dynamic Web Databases
Saad Bin Suhaim, Nan Zhang, Gautam Das and Ali Jaoua

IS2R: A System for Refining Reverse Top-k Queries
Qing Liu, Yunjun Gao, Linlin Zhou and Gang Chen

POLYTICS: Provenance-Based Analytics of Data-Centric Applications
Pierre Bourhis, Daniel Deutch and Yuval Moskovitch

Selective In-Place Appends for Real: Reducing Erases on Wear-prone DBMS Storage
Sergey Hardock, Ilia Petrov, Robert Gottstein and Alejandro Buchmann

Understanding the Security Challenges of Oblivious Cloud Storage with Asynchronous Accesses
Cetin Sahin, Aaron Magat, Victor Zakhary, Amr El Abbadi, Huijia Lin and Stefano Tessaro

Urd: A Data Summarization Tool for the Acquisition of Cardinality Constraints with Probabilistic Intervals
Tania Katell Roblot and Sebastian Link

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Demo Session 2: Graph Analytics, Social Networks, Machine Learning
1:30PM-3:00PM, Wednesday, April 19, Riviera
Repeat: 10:30AM-12:00PM, Friday, April 21, Riviera

A Demonstration of Kite: A Scalable System for Microblogs Data Management
Amr Magdy and Mohamed Mokbel

Adaptive Topic Follow-up on Twitter
Abdulrahman Alsaudi, Mehdi Sadri, Yasser Altowim and Sharad Mehrotra

BEAMS: Bounded Event Detection in Graph Streams
Mohammad Hossein Namaki, Keyvan Sasani, Yinghui Wu and Tingjian Ge

GQFast: Fast Graph Exploration with Context-aware Autocompletion
Chunbin Lin, Jianguo Wang and Yannis Papakonstantinou

GscalerCloud: A Web-Based Graph Scaling Service
Jiangwei Zhang, Anwesha Mal and Y.C. Tay

ModelHub: Deep Learning Lifecycle Management
Hui Miao, Ang Li, Larry Davis and Amol Deshpande

Privacy Cyborg: Towards Protecting the Privacy of Social Media Users
Theodore Georgiou, Amr El Abbadi and Xifeng Yan

SocialLens: Searching and Browsing Communities by Content and Interaction
Hongyun Cai, Vincent W. Zheng, Penghe Chen, Fanwei Zhu, Kevin Chang and Zi Huang

TABOO: Detecting unstructured sensitive information using recursive neural networks
Jan Neerbek, Ira Assent and Peter Dolog

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Demo Session 3: Applications, Data Visualization, Text Analytics, Data Integration
1:30PM-3:00PM, Thursday, April 20, Riviera
Repeat: 1:30PM-3:00PM, Friday, April 21, Riviera

A Demonstration of TextDB: Declarative and Scalable Text Analytics on Large Data Sets
Zuozhi Wang, Flavio Bayer, Seungjin Lee, Kishore Narendran, Xuxi Pan, Qing Tang, Jimmy Wang and Chen Li

A Human-and-Machine Cooperative Framework for Entity Resolution With Quality Guarantees
Zhaoqiang Chen, Qun Chen and Zhanhuai Li.

A Scalable Data Integration and Analysis Architecture for Sensor Data of Pediatric Asthma
Dimitris Stripelis, Jose Luis Ambite, Yao-Yi Chiang, Sandrah P. Eckel and Rima Habre.

DANCE: Data Cleaning with Constraints and Experts
Ahmad Assadi, Tova Milo and Slava Novgorodov.

DV8: Interactive Analysis of Aviation Data
Behrooz Omidvar-Tehrani, Arnab Nandi, Nicholas Meyer, Dalton Flanagan and Seth Young

Hippo in Action: Scalable Indexing of a Billion New York City Taxi Trips and Beyond
Jia Yu, Raha Moraffah and Mohamed Sarwat

Landslide Information Service based on Composition of Physical and Social Sensors
Aibek Musaev and Calton Pu

Maroon+: A System for Profiling Entities Over Time
Furong Li, Mong Li Lee and Wynne Hsu

SPATE: Compacting and Exploring Telco Big Data
Constantinos Costa, Georgios Chatzimilioudis, Demetrios Zeinalipour-Yazti and Mohamed F. Mokbel

VisFlow: A Visual Database Integration and Workflow Querying System
Xin Mou, Hasan Jamil and Xiaogang Ma

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