Staying at the conference hotel

Why Stay at a Conference Hotel?

You'll be in the center of conference activity...that's why!

You'll be able to network easily with other conference attendees. You'll have a better conference experience overall. Also, since there are no other nearby hotels, you will incur additional transportation costs if you stay elsewhere.

Another reason to consider the conference hotel is that the hotel has provided discounted​ group​ rates for the conference based on a guaranteed percentage of attendees staying in the conference hotel. Discounted rates may no longer be available. The conference staff have selected this location after looking at a number of locations in San Diego, and evaluating the needs of attendees as well as the need for conference meeting space.

Unfilled rooms can cost the ​conference penalty fees which can apply pressure to increase the conference registration fees in future, to offset such costs. So, please support the conference by staying at the official conference hotel. The Hilton San Diego Resort and Spa is well situated in a recreational park area--including Mission Bay Park, Fiesta Island Park, and Playa Pacifica Park, with bicycles paths, walking and jogging trails, and water recreation. We think you will find the increased networking opportunities, quality hotel services and amenities, and proximity to the conference activities to be worth it!